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Suppose you are a international software vendor and are looking to sell your product in Europe?

We are offering an external Sales Service to sell your B2B product on the German, Austrian and Switzerland market – for you!


Our team are experts in selling B2B SaaS products for international companies. We can act as re-sellers to sell and position your products.

Sales On-Demand

Are you searching for an external Sales team who can sell your products in Germany for you?

You are selling a Software-as-a Service product?

If you are selling a SaaS Product to B2B customers, you are the perfect company for our Sales Team

Need more Pipeline?

You are searching for new opportunities in the European Market? No problem

Measureable Costs

You have a tight budget and would like to save money? With our Services, you can increase your revenue and have measurable expenses

Trusted Sales Professionals

Account Executives and New Business Development Manager with more than 7 years Sales experiences

Are you ready to expand your business in Germany?

Please feel free to contact us!

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