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Once you have a successful business with innovative products or services, you should start planning for International Growth. If you are strong in your home market, you can expand your products into new European markets such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So, why not selling your successful products in Europe?

Going international is not as difficult as it seems! If you have an idea around outsourcing your business to local partners in foreign markets, you need in fact an strong and trustworthy international Sales Team. But for this, you don’t necessarily have to establish a local subsidiary with all the costs and risks that such a major commitment represents.

Instead of hiring permanent Sales Managers, you can trust our external Sales Professional Team at DW Innovate. We can identify generate leads, find new business opportunities, do demos and close deals for you!

Sales Outsourcing with DW Innovate brings you the benefits of an in-country Sales Team who fully understands the local culture, business scenes, as well as, key players and relying on an existing network!

We can help you to sell your product in Germany, Austria and Switzerland!